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Product Green GBmoto 50cc Kids Dirt Bike Kids Pit Bike Green GBmoto 50cc Kids Dirt Bike Kids Pit Bike
$289.00 $449.00
Chrome Blue 6.5" Hoverboard, Bluetooth Hoverboard & LED Flashing Wheels, Self Balancing Scooter (UL Listed) Chrome Blue 6.5" Hoverboard, Bluetooth Hoverboard & LED Flashing Wheels, Self Balancing Scooter (UL Listed)
$139.00 $289.00
Out of stock
Green GBmoto 40CC 4-Stroke Kids Gas Pocket Bike Mini Motorcycle Green GBmoto 40CC 4-Stroke Kids Gas Pocket Bike Mini Motorcycle
$339.00 $449.00

Key Features: (Perfect Bike for kids or youth, not for adult)


Speed and Range

Speed and Range

Adventure further, best and faster than others! 500 watt motor increases your max speed to 10+ mph, and gives you a range of 12+ miles on a single charge. Max Weight is 180 lbs.

Speed and Range

Easy Learning & Tons of fun

Whether you are a natural or future pro, less than 5 minutes you'll be up and riding around. Most people master it in as little as 30 seconds! Once you ride it you'll never want to get off!.

Speed and Range

UL Certified Hoverboard

UL is a global independent safety science company offering expertise across three strategic businesses: Commercial and Industrial, Consumer and UL Ventures. High-Capacity original Samsung Battery (UL 2272 Certified Safe Battery) have passed extensive safety standards.

Speed and Range

Six-Months Warranty

Feel confident that you've purchased a quality product backed by a 6 Months limited warranty against mechanical defects.


Commitment To Safety

UL 2271 certified SentryShield battery pack and wth an UL2272 certification. With its flame-resistant frame, Stop Safe Technology, and the new smart Battery Management System (BMS) you are free to adventure, safer.

The BMS system monitors and protects:

  • Against Overvoltage / short circuiting.
  • Against Overheating.
  • Against Overcharging.
  • Against Overcurrent.
Speed and Range

Package Includes

  • Self Balance Electric Hoverboard (UL 2272 Certified)
  • UL Certified Charger
  • Owner's Manual

Speed and Range

LED Headlights

Illuminate your night and evening journeys with your 4 Super-bright LED lights headlights. These bright energy efficient LEDs light the path when your adventure outlasts the sun.

Speed and Range

Battery Indicators

Our indicator lights make sure you always know when your board is on and how much juice it has left. When you're low on battery, our easy-to-read 5 light indicators will let you know your charge level.

Speed and Range

Build-in Bluetooth Speaker

Listen to music while riding your Hoverboard! Stream music from any Bluetooth enabled device (Phone, iPod, MP3, etc.). Change songs, skip songs, lower volume or increase volume directly from your Bluetooth enabled device.

Speed and Range

LED Fender Lights

LED top lighting on each fender for maximum visual impact!Bright multi-colored LED lights on the side light up when you are on the hoverboard!

Speed and Range

Sentry Shield Battery

Hard shell design strong enough to support up to 264lbs, multi-layered lithium-ion battery system monitors and protects your board's battery. Your battery is UL Certified and passed a 10 ton crush test.

Speed and Range

Safe Stop Technology

Ride assured with this Safe Stop Technology. Our advanced system will automatically stop when detecting a slip or unbalanced rider.Features a max speed limit, which will prevent the scooter from accelerating to unsafe speeds.

The 40CC 4-Stroke Kids Gas Pocket Bike Mini Motorcycle brings thrill and excitement beyond your wildest imagination! With 1.2 liters gas tank and 4-stroke engine, this pocket bike can make your kids feel like they are riding a life-size motorcycle. The chain drive transmission and 11-inch pneumatic tires offer maximum grip, and the front and rear disc brake provide fast and smooth stopping power.


Short Description

50cc 2-Stroke gas bike provides a strong kick out of this bike.

    • Environment Friendly Design
    • 100% Brand New and High Quality
    • Portable and Convenience Transportation
    • Built-in Bluetooth Speaker for Music
    • Changing Colors Flashing LED Sidelights

    • UL 2272 Certified Safe

Great for driveway and parking lot fun! Cruise around cones, and speed through sidewalks with ease. Pocket Bike is equipped with a 40cc 4-stroke motor. With a tube steel frame for extra rigid stability. You can reach speeds up to 18 mph. The GBmoto Pocket Bike takes normal gas, right out of the pump! Making this a hassle free, and convenient toy right from the get go. 

Engine Type:
50cc 2-Stroke
40CC 4-Stroke Engine
Displacement (Motor size):
Fully Automatic Transmission
Fully Automatic Transmission
Max Speed (Vary on Rider's Weight and Performance):
Starter Mode:
Pull Start
Pull Start
Engine Oil:
2 Stroke Oil
Cooling System:
Air Cooled
Air Cooled
Gas Type:
Premium Only
Premium Only
Fuel Capacity:
Frame Type:
High Strength Steel
Drive System:
Chain Drive
Chain Drive
Front Suspension:
Spring, Inverted
Rear Suspension:
190.5mm Shock
Front Brake:
Disc Brake
Rear Brake:
Disc Brake
Disc Brake
Wheel Size:
Front 11" Rear 11"
Front Wheel:
90/65-6.5 Front Tire
Rear Wheel:
110/50-6.5 Rear Tire
Weight Capacity:
128 lbs
150 lbs
Net Weight:
37 lbs
72 lbs
Gross Weight:
48 lbs
38 inch x 22 inch x 27 inch
40 x 20 x 21 inches
Available Colors:
Black, Blue, Green, Red
Black, Blue, Green, Pink
Seat Height:
21 inch
18 inch
500 Watt (250 Watt x 2)
Max Speed:
6-10 MPH
Charging Time:
2-3 Hrs
Build-in Bluetooth Speaker
UL 2272 Certified Safe:
Swing Arm:
Straight Style (Steel)
69 inches
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